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Domestic Violence Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Protecting Your Rights and Reputation After Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence cases combine legal complexities with emotionally charged issues. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, the stigma alone can have long-lasting effects. You are facing a future with a criminal record, leaving you possibly without a job or a place to live. In addition, a domestic violence conviction or a restraining order may interfere with your ability to see your children.

Handling All Aspects of Your Domestic Violence Case

Our attorney, Page Narins, prides herself on being a skilled and sincere advocate who will take on your problems as if they were her own. She seeks to guide you through the difficult legal process that comes with domestic assault charges. Regardless of the criminal accusations, she will treat you with dignity and respect while fighting for the best outcome in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Should your domestic assault case have roots in anger management, pursuing proactive treatment and family counseling sends a strong and positive message to the courts that you take these matters seriously.

Protect Your Rights

While counseling can help you minimize criminal penalties, additional collateral consequences also require the help of an attorney. Domestic violence accusations can lead to no-contact orders, separating you from your children, and creating chaos in the lives of your family.

Fighting False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Many cases that come to Narins Defense involve alleged victims making false accusations of domestic assault. Many times, allegations are part of disputed custody cases or a means to remove a spouse from the family home while still being responsible for expenses, specifically mortgage payments. In these cases, we get to the facts and strive to stop them from manipulating the system for their own gain.

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