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Criminal Justice For You & Your Future

A criminal accusation can change your life. Your personal relationships, reputation, and future may all be in jeopardy. The most important step you can take right now is to contact a legal professional. At Narins Defense, our attorney has provided clients who have been charged with criminal activity with skilled counsel and compassionate advocacy for more than a decade. If your freedom is at stake, put your trust in experience and empathy.

Our goal has always been to provide direction and compassion when you may be feeling lost or unsure. When you schedule an initial consultation with us, Attorney Narins will get to know you and your side of the story, and then do everything in her power to ensure that your voice is heard. We'll navigate this difficult situation together.

It is our belief that everyone deserves a second chance. Whether you've been accused of a drug crime, domestic assault, or drunk driving, you still have constitutional rights. We want to make sure that those rights are upheld at every stage of the process. Together, we will seek the results you need to get past this and move on with your life.

Don't wait to get the guidance you need for your criminal case. When it comes to your future, Attorney Narins will do whatever it takes to put you in a position to move forward. Whether you've been charged with a felony, or someone you love has been wrongly accused of a crime, put your trust in a dedicated criminal defense lawyer. From our office in Edina, we serve clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Shakopee, and Bloomington, Minnesota.

Quality Legal Guidance When You Need It

At Narins Defense, we understand that no two people are the same. Every person has a unique story to tell. Sometimes, though, the authority wielded by law enforcement can drown out the quietest voices. These are the voices that need to be heard the most.

Our Spanish-speaking assistant Alma and our skilled attorney Page Narins form the foundation of our legal practice. We work tirelessly to amplify every client's voice, making sure their story is told. When your future is at stake, an attorney can help you pursue a favorable outcome. Whether you’ve been charged with domestic violence, a drug crime, DWI, or you fear the immigration consequences of a criminal accusation, Attorney Narins is prepared to give you the guidance you need.

One misconception many clients have when they contact our firm is that criminal justice is a matter of black and white. Many clients believe that they are either fully guilty or fully innocent, with no gray area in between. The truth is far more complex. How law enforcement handled the case, what the clients' prior records show, and what kind of evidence was offered: these things matter. A skilled attorney who takes these factors into account can be a great help to clients when they need it the most.

Start seeking the justice you deserve. Attorney Page Narins proudly represents clients facing throughout Minnesota, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, Shakopee, and Bloomington. Contact our office today to request a free initial consultation. Hablamos español.