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A Client-Focused Attorney Known for High Standards of Integrity

Attorney Page H. Narins upholds the highest standards of integrity while fighting hard for your rights if you are facing serious criminal charges. She is respected by prosecutors and judges for fighting for her clients while maintaining the highest ethical standards and without cutting corners.

A Skilled And Caring Advocate Finding The Best Solution To Your Legal Issues

Attorney Page H. Narins brings a unique perspective to her practice of criminal defense.

A native Minnesotan and graduate of William Mitchell, she established Narins Defense in 2011 with the goal of providing effective criminal defense services in a compassionate environment. Her goal, when defending against a criminal charge, is to get the best outcome possible. That means not only resolving the current legal charge, but helping her clients avoid criminal liability in the future.

Many criminal offenses are the result of underlying issues. Oversimplifying or ignoring these issues will only lead to repeat criminal charges. Proactively addressing these problems early is an important step. With your help and cooperation, we can block the path back to criminal activities by identifying mental health/anger management issues or drug/alcohol abuse, then using treatment plans as a pretrial defense strategy and as a way to avoid future legal issues.

A Unique Perspective In The Practice Of Criminal Defense

Prior to opening Narins Defense, attorney Page Narins worked for 14 years as a bartender. Her experience in the service industry, specifically in downtown Minneapolis nightclubs, exposed her to individuals finding themselves in a variety of circumstances.

Working behind a bar provided her a firsthand view of good people at their worst. Those experiences taught her not to be quick to judge people, regardless of the severity of crimes committed.

Her prior profession taught her to see her clients as people, not their actions that resulted in criminal charges. It also instilled in her the importance of customer service. From the barroom to the courtroom, she is a lawyer skilled in quickly assessing her clients’ needs and develops customized strategies.

Client customer satisfaction is her primary goal.

For more about Ms. Narins’ education and experience, please refer to her biography linked below.

An Unwavering Commitment To Clients

Many clients come to Narins Defense following an arrest for DUI/DWI or concerns over criminal charges and immigration consequences. Many presume themselves guilty. Page Narins assures them that options exist. She protects their rights while fighting for the best outcome.

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