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Criminal Charges with Immigration Consequences Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

High Stakes for Immigrants Charged with Crimes

For many of our clients, criminal charges go beyond jail time, fines and a permanent criminal record. An arrest can lead to deportation, or other collateral consequences for undocumented immigrants, non-immigrant visa applicants (students or tourists), and lawful permanent residents, or those seeking such status.

If an arrest threatens your immigration status in the United States, do not wait. Time is of the essence. Contact Narins Defense for help.

Skilled In Criminal Cases Carrying Immigration Consequences

Criminal defense lawyer Page Narins is sensitive to the cultural differences of her immigrant clients. She is cognizant of the different cultures her clients have, and how those cultural traditions may result in criminal charges in Minnesota. For example:

  • The use of alcohol. Many countries use alcohol for purposes other than consumption. If alcohol is used as an antiseptic or for relief from a toothache before driving, it can lead to DUI/DWI charges.

  • In some communities, the age of couples in committed relationships skews younger with a larger disparity in age. What is considered acceptable in another culture and country can land an adult in a United States court facing statutory rape charges.

In all criminal cases where visas and lawful permanent residence are at stake, we work closely with your immigration attorney to address possible immigration consequences. We also have Spanish-speaking ability onsite.

Turn To An Attorney You Trust

Take Proactive Steps To Prevent Deportation

If you are facing criminal charges and possible deportation, take immediate action and call Page Narins. She will work for you. She will protect you. She will take the time to listen to you and maintain strict confidentiality. Throughout the entire process, you can trust that she has your best interests at heart.

Many clients worry meeting with a lawyer will only expose their undocumented status or further jeopardize their immigration status. This is not true. We do not work for the court. We work for you. Our goal is to resolve your criminal charge and work with your immigration attorney to keep you in the U.S.

For a free consultation, call today. You can also reach us via our online intake form. From our office in Edina, we provide criminal defense services throughout the state of Minnesota.

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